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Illustrator CC 2014-2015 (OSX & Win)


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  • What is Colorist?

    Colorist is an Adobe Illustrator extension.

    Color is one of the most important things in your design. So why not use a precise and simple tool to tweak color values. With Colorist you can adjust colors in a more intuitive way.

  • Who is it for?

    Colorist is a great tool for anyone who needs to adjust colors in Illustrator.

    We found it especially useful for UI- and web design process where you need to tweak colors in very small steps. Randomness created by Randomizer is powerful when you need fast ideas for color palettes, logos and other elements.

  • RGB and CMYK color mode?

    Yes and yes, but…

    Colorist logic based on RGB values. CMYK colors could be incorrect due to colorspace conversion process. Use RGB color mode in order to get correct and precise color values. Using Colorist in CMYK color mode are for visual aid only.

  • Illustrator built-in color controls?

    We usually create tools based on our own requirements, and in this case we found ourselves struggling with precise and efficient color workflow in Illustrator.

    Colorist can make your workflow faster and easier in many cases.

  • Are there any shortcuts in Colorist?

    There are two "Shortcut Keys": Ctrl / Command & Shift.

    In Tweaker: when pressing Ctrl while setting tolerance +/- you can set it to minimum or maximum value.

    With Shift key you can increase/decrease by ten values.

    In Randomizer normally adjust the value of that channel without changing other channels, but when pressing it with Ctrl you can randomize only selected channel colors in order to get random tones of reds etc.

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